At AP Inc., we help companies and projects make breakthroughs by analyzing their histories,
social backgrounds, and economies regardless of sectionalism, in order to show them
the right paths for them to move forward.


Our primary business values lie within the fields of planning, designing architecture and interiors, and art direction. We also are involved with production management, which includes purchasing and construction to meet clients’ needs for facility development, whether it is for personal or business uses. We realize the value of facilities and we’re trying to contribute to the society by increasing productivity and creating added values through facility development.



We are a group of creative professionals with experience in providing added values to facility development with complex client orders.
We are skilled in designing, direction, and subcontract management regarding planning, art design, and construction with experience in urban development,  development of luxury residences, train stations, hotels and stores. We are great at providing specific solutions by visualizing and creating plans to produce added values. We also do task management, schedule management, budgeting, and sourcing.


Our quality, agility and flexibility are superior to those of the major general developers, project planning & development departments of construction companies, and major architectural design firms. We even conduct business in such fields that already existing companies may avoid. Assets, projects, sales, or profit scale do not influence our motivation. Our staff has profound experience and world-class project management skills along with experience in Japan’s top-notch design and production fields.

Marketability and growth potential

Expanding market of the real estate and facility development of wealthy individual owners, which includes global tourism.
Increasing needs for diverse design and complex projects, which includes operation and art.